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Smart 360ο SYMMETRIA Pro-G-Diet snacks for the beach

If most of your holiday time is spent on the beach, swimming in the sea and playing games under the sun, you will definitely benefit from boosting your body with some refreshing and healthy snacks.

SYMMETRIA's scientific team has developed easy, simple recipes for snacks that you can take to the beach with you. All of these snacks are based on the 360ο SYMMETRIA Pro-G-Diet.

  • Create a trail mix of nuts and dried fruit. You can make it as nutritious as you want, and change the ingredients according to your preferences. We propose mixing together almonds, walnuts and other nuts of your choice; dried apricots, raisins and other dried fruits; pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds without their shells, chia seeds, etc. Enjoy a unique flavour with an even more unique nutritional benefit.
  • Another great choice are raw vegetables with a dip. These can easily be packed up and taken to the beach, and raw vegetables are rich in vitamins, high in fibre and low in fat, making them beneficial to our health. Pair these with a dip made with yogurt, hummus or mustard.
  • Small burritos are another great beach snack. Bet some small, soft tortillas made with whole wheat (not corn). Mix beans (canned or freshly cooked) in the blender. Spread the bean paste on the tortillas. If you want, add some chopped onion, chopped green chillies, a touch of your favourite salsa or some grated low fat cheese. Wrap the tortillas and enjoy your perfect summer snack.
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