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Gynecomastia: Causes, diagnosis and treatment

By Doctor Angelos Tsipis


Gynecomastia is a condition that manifests by the swelling of the chest in men, and is related to the mass of glands and the fat in the chest. Hormonal imbalance, use of medication such as steroids and alcohol use, are some of the factors causing gynecomastia. Obesity is one of the most common causes, and leads to a false form of it, as it is actually increasing overall fat tissue, including in the chest.

Diagnosis is carried out through clinical examination, as well as laboratory and image testing that will show the underlying cause and direct you to the right treatment. SYMMETRIA's scientific team that works on combating gynecomastia due to obesity, combines a nutritional protocol and treatment using Xero Lipo technology, which aims to achieve targeted reduction of localized fat.

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