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Super Fast Lipolysis


Super Fast Lipolysis


Super Fast Lipolysis


Given that the majority of people wants to get rid of extra weight and change their dietary habits, not just for aesthetic reasons but also for health reasons, SYMMETRIA has created a programme that can contribute to this goal. The 4-day Super-Fast Lipolysis programme is aimed for anyone who want immediate results, to make the kick-start for a change in lifestyle but also due to social or personal reasons that require a quick change. Moreover, this programme is also suitable for those who travel often and cannot therefore schedule regular appointments at SYMMETRIA.

In this programme, the latest technologies are applied to combat localized fat, such as Xero Lipo and Hypoxi. The aim is for you to see immediate results in your body, and to gain motivation to achieve a lifestyle change to suit you.

Duration: 4 consecutive days

Includes: Nutritional program, use of Xero Lipo, NMS (Neuromuscular Stimulation), Hypoxi

Results: Up to 3kg fat loss

Immediate results: Drop a dress size

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