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Everything you need to know before undergoing a medical aesthetic treatment

Aesthetic medicine is making a huge impact internationally. It is often presented as a simple act, thus losing some of its medical nature, as most seem to disregard the fact that it is actually a medical treatment. Even the most common, popular treatments may have complications. Their success however depends on one’s ability to follow the safety rules and to picking the appropriate doctor - especially when it comes to injectable treatments or therapies using threads.


What you need to know before you begin

-Injectable treatments should only be carried out by qualified plastic surgeons or dermatologists.

-On your first visit, the doctor should take a complete medical history and inform you about all possible complications.

-Before you decide to proceed, make sure you ask about all the details of your treatment and its contraindications and ensure your questions have been adequately covered.

-Receive clear instructions and information about your treatment, the medication used, its action, expected results and possible complications.

-Insist that you want to learn about what to do after the treatment and ask for written instructions so as not to forget something important. Most complications arise because we do not remember all the necessary instructions after treatment.

-Make sure that the products to be used are authentic and that they are opened in front of you. Ask your doctor to see them before he removes them from their packaging and check that they are not imitations of the original product. The imitation is typically cheaper material that can be dangerous to your health.

-Ask about the dilution of the medication, how many areas will be treated and what dosage is inserted.

-Notice the expiration date of the product and ask about the total dose to be injected on your face or body. All of this is crucial for the price of the treatment and it is your right to know beforehand.

- Confirm that your doctor has written down the product code and expiration date in your medical record. Make sure you note it down as well.

During the course of treatment:

-Don't make the doctor hurry. Remember that time is your ally for best results.

-Ensure that all mobile phones, including the doctor’s, are deactivated. You do not want anything to distract his attention at that time.

After treatment:

- Stay in the premises for 10 to 15 minutes.

-Do not leave if you feel dizzy or unwell.

-Ask for your doctor to see you a few days after treatment. During the revaluation, the doctor must check the final result. This visit is usually free.

When you should reconsider:

-If you think that not all of the above conditions are fulfilled, then you should not proceed with the treatment. If your doctor does not want to follow the steps or answer your questions in detail, then you should not trust them.

 -If for economic reasons you cannot select a more expensive option, then it would be advisable not to proceed with an alternative, cheap injectable treatment as it may put your life at risk.

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