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Be the best version of yourself in 180 minutes!
Be the best version of yourself in 180 minutes!

The Same Day Beauty Boost concept is a new approach based on the unique opportunity given to clients to conduct an array of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments as part of a single session in just 180 minutes.



Lifting with threads

Immediate rejuvenation, lifting and tightening of the face in a single session with the innovative, non-invasive lifting method with PDO threads.

Youth elixir

Deep hydration, elasticity, and antiaging action via a new protocol for ultimate skin rejuvenation.


Together we enter the new era of beauty coupled with safety and security

Get updated on our clinic’s health and safety measures applied before, during and after your session at SYMMETRIA, as part of the post-covid era.



Rid yourself of fine lines

Impressive and immediate antiaging results via a protocol that wipes away fine lines of the face and neck whilst softening wrinkles a yielding hydration and shine. Pain-free and applicable on all skin types and ages.

Revolutionizing rejuvenation

Our SYMMETRIA Bahrain partners introduce the new LaseMD treatment with cutting edge technology that helps nano-serums to penetrate deeper within the skin for remarkably smoother and more even-toned results.


Talk of the Town

Achieve the perfect body lying down

Rid yourself of unwanted localized fat by applying the Xero-Lipo protocol for 20-40mins lying down. This cold laser achieves immediate results in stubborn areas that persist despite exercise and nutrition.

See the change you want to see in yourself with the aid of 3D technology

SYMMETRIA now gives the opportunity of applying technology to help build an even more effective strategy with more precise results thus helping you become the best version of yourself.



Tonia Sotiropoulou, a beloved actress, friend of SYMMETRIA and loyal client of our innovative services, will be seen via ERT TV in the new season on the show titled “Our Best Years”.

We wish Tonia the best of luck!


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