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Maskne a.k.a the word used to describe irritation caused by regular mask use.
Maskne a.k.a the word used to describe irritation caused by regular mask use.

Masks to protect us from the coronavirus are now part of our daily lives, but their long-term use can cause acne or other skin conditions, which dermatologists describe with the term “maskne”.



New protocol to combat acne caused by mask use

Balance the skin’s pH to ensure hygiene of the face, which suffers from skin diseases due to regular mask use.

New protocols for total rejuvenation

Deep hydration, improved tonality, elasticity and skin tightening, with only five jabs on each side of the face.


Chill Out Botox

Eliminate wrinkles and maintain naturalness in expression, for a fresh face, without changes in facial features. This protocol is ideal for men as well.

Prolong the results of your Chill Out Botox with the Dr.Age Microlift Face Serum that fills in wrinkles of the upper third of the face, yielding hydration, volume and elasticity.


Talk of the Town


To treat acne caused from mask use, SYMMETRIA recommends the Dr. Age DIY Home Kit, with specialized care products, for more completed facial skin care.

Breast cancer awareness month

October is breast cancer awareness month and the I LIVE FOR ME non-profit organization for cancer and other chronic illnesses, shares simple advice for self breast examination that every woman should do.



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