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Stiletto Legs
Stiletto Legs

Achieve beautiful, toned legs, by revamping their appearance and improving the texture of your skin, effectively and painlessly, through the combination treatment using Hypoxi and Velashape.


The Protocols


Instant rejuvenation, lifting and tightening of the skin on the face, in just one appointment, with the innovative non-invasive lifting method using PDO threads.

Smoothen out wrinkles and maintain a fresh look and natural expression, without altering your facial features.


Get rid of dark circles and fine lines, achieve a glow in your skin and a sparkle in your eyes.

The most effective treatment to combat excessive underarm sweating using Botox.


Face Sunscreen SPF 30
Face Sunscreen SPF 30
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Give your skin the necessary protection from UVA, UVB and IRA waves. Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Fragrance-free. Apply every morning, and every two hours after that, if you are exposed to the sun.


Clinique Del Mar recommends
Clinique Del Mar recommends

Clinique Del Mar, our partner in Antibes, recommends a new revolutionary technology that tones all muscle groups in the body, offering pain-free lifting. EMSCULPT is based on High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field Technology).


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