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Same Day Beauty Boost
Same Day Beauty Boost

Immediate results via a series of minimally invasive treatments for facial rejuvenation and anti-aging. Each session is tailor-made and lasts 110 minutes.



Injectable mesotherapy

Combat cellulite and localized fat fast and effectively with the lipolysis offered by injectable body mesotherapy.

Lifting with PDO threads

An innovative, non-invasive method of lifting, tightening, and rejuvenation of the face with absorbable threads. Ideal for those with loose skin and superficial wrinkles seeking immediate results.


Talk of the town
Talk of the town
New protocols to combat mask acne

Maskne: Combat irritation, inflammation and other dermatological facial skin concerns caused by regular mask use.


Sanitized Protocols
Sanitized Protocols

SYMMETRIA ensures utmost safety of customers and staff via the implementation of the SANITIZED PROTOCOLS: A series of health and safety measure pre, during and post treatment.


SYMMETRIA Bahrain recommends

Achieve the perfect smile with the Smile Face Protocol: A fast, non-invasive procedure based on the use of Botox. When the ingredients are injected in the skin they limit the mobility of the muscles of the upper lip when smiling, thus covering the gums.


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