360ο SYMMETRIA Health Bites

The idea behind the creation of 360ο SYMMETRIA Health Βites came from the need for a healthy and balanced diet that fulfils the needs of a modern lifestyle. Made of granola,they are the ultimate healthy meal replacement for detox, weight loss and energy.

They are hand-made, using natural, organic ingredients, non-GMO, without any additives, sugar, sodium, trans-fats, glucose, dairy, soy or sweeteners. They are plant-based, rich in antioxidants and superfoods, and are ideal for vegetarians - and in many cases, ideal for vegans.

The 5 basic categories of 360ο SYMMETRIA Health Bites are:

  • SLIM & TRIM - with dehydrated apples and organic berries, low in calories for detox. 
  • GYM TIME - with powdered rice protein and organic Maca powder, ideal for post-workout snacking. 
  • FOREVER YOUNG – with Greek honey, fresh orange juice and cranberries, which help to maintain youthful, healthy skin. 
  • STOP STRESSING - with goji berries and organic coconut oil, which help to combat stress and maintain balance. 
  • ENERGY BOOSTER - with almonds and organic cacao, these are the ultimate meal replacement snack.
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