Zurich Plastics

Zurich Plastics clinic will soon open its doors in Zurich where it will offer an array of health and beauty services ranging from non-invasive treatments to highly demanding surgical procedures. The clinic’s founder is Konstantinos Jiouchas, a Board Certified Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon whose Greek-German upbringing has granted him a competitive advantage in the field of health and beauty. His multicultural background of Greek aesthetics, German mentality in terms of quality and Swiss precision, are the triple threat behind the success of his work.

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Zurich Plastics has partnered with SYMMETRIA health and beauty center as Dr. Nikos Metaxotos, MD, PhD, founder of SYMMETRIA, and Dr. Konstantinos Jiouchas, MD, founder of Zurich Plastics, share mutual ground when it comes to serving top-tier services with the most advanced and innovative treatments for optimum patient results.
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