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Food Intolerance Test

Food Intolerance Test

All protocols are customizable. Costs vary according to the tailormade needs of each patient.

The Food Intolerance Test assesses your response to a variety of foods. In collaboration with Bioiatriki Health Group, we will detect your immune system's response to particular foods that mistakenly your body treats as a threat.

Food intolerance means difficulty in digesting certain foods and having symptoms, such as bloating and tummy pain, which usually happen a few hours after eating the food. There are a variety of blood tests being offered that claim to test for food sensitivities. In testing for food sensitivity, drawn blood is exposed in vitro to a panel of foods and food components. Similar to allergy testing, these tests typically look for immunoglobulin antibodies. In partnership with Bioiatriki, SYMMETRIA®, performs blood tests and detects your immune system's response to particular foods, that mistakenly your body treats the proteins found in them as a threat.

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