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SYMMETRIA® is investing
in new technologies.

With minimal recovery time, no pain
and discomfort, get rid of excess fat,
and wave goodbye to cellulite and skin relaxation.

Take some time, enjoy the most Hi-Tech protocols that have arrived exclusively for you at SYMMETRIA® and bring out the best version of yourself!"



The new Laser Cryolipolysis has just arrived at SYMMETRIA®. A new non-invasive fat reduction protocol that relies on intense cold temperatures to destroy fat cells in specific areas of the body. The new SYMMETRIA® Cryolipolysis utilizes a specialized vacuum applicator to administer controlled freezing, precisely targeting the subcutaneous fat layer. All surrounding tissues remain unaffected, offering a safe and non-surgical option for body contouring.

Exclusively at SYMMETRIA®



An effective protocol for smooth and firm skin.
The innovative SYMMETRIA® Forma Fractional Laser combined with infrared light, advanced radiofrequency energy and local mesotherapy offer impressive results in skin texture and skin rejuvenation. Thanks to recent technological breakthroughs,
SYMMETRIA® can now offer long-term reduction in cellulite through non-invasive treatments. The most effective method to get rid of cellulite and get ready for this summer.

Exclusively at SYMMETRIA®




Combining three non-invasive treatments for incredible results.

1. Radio frequency to the deeper layers of the skin
for new collagen production and skin tightening.

2. Focused high-intensity electromagnetic energy
to increase strength and tone the muscles

3. HIFU ultrasound to the deeper layers of the skin
for tightening and lifting the buttocks.


Exclusively at SYMMETRIA®