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A new collaboration aims to bring more visitors from U.S.A. to SYMMETRIA®

Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, PhD, Founder of Symmetria, has the pleasure of announcing his collaboration with Nicole Contos and SMOOTH SYNERGY, based in New York, as part of the international development of activities in the field of health, beauty, antiaging, and medical wellness. SYMMETRIA®, and SMOOTH SYNERGY share similar values and principles, prioritising the delivery of top-level health and beauty services through the use of innovative methods and technologies in the field of aesthetic medicine.

The collaboration consists of the development of a new service for Americans who visit Greece, in terms of longevity and beauty. SYMMETRIA® plans to welcome more tourists from U.S.A. to undergo health protocols. The programs have a duration of up to 3 weeks of stay in Athens and are aimed at people who will travel to Athens with the sole purpose of living the ultimate renewal experience.

With a strategic partnership in New York and an extensive communication plan in the U.S.A., SYMMETRIA® is becoming one of the top 5-star destinations for American citizens interested in beauty, health services, anti-aging treatments, detox, medical wellness, and longevity experiences.


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