Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect®


SYMMETRIA® is a step ahead of the game when it comes to weight management! 

By taking into account all the latest scientific developments, SYMMETRIA® now offers new, customizable protocols to help you achieve a healthy weight according to your genetic profile and lifestyle. Our team of experts will ensure the most appropriate mix & match of the following steps.



1. INITIAL CONSULTATION - with a professional team consisting of medical specialists, such as cardiologists or other specialists and nutritionists.

2. CLINICAL EXAMINATION - including a thorough medical examination as well as weight measurement, fat tissue, muscle mass, BMR, BMI, and weight distribution. 


  • Breezing Technology - To accurately measure your metabolic rate (optional)
  • Food Intolerance Test - To check what foods your body cannot metabolize easily (optional)
  • Blood Tests - To check vitamin deficiencies, thyroid function, and other elements that the medical team may recommend.
  • DNA Tests - Where needed to check the genetic profile for obesity, metabolism rate, and predisposition to diabetes
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) - If needed, is conducted on-site.


SYMMETRIA® creates an action plan to obtain a healthy body and also create new, healthy eating habits for the consumer, ensuring they maintain their ideal weight - which is the most important factor.

SYMMETRIA® introduces the Weight Management Weekly Plan, a tailormade approach, based on the SYMMETRIA® Pro-GI-Diet. As part of this action plan, we introduce a series of dieting methods; Intermittent fasting, Keto, etc., as well as other scientific methods according to the lifestyle, and desire of the consumer as well as how fast they intend to lose weight.

In cases where we need to accelerate metabolism and lose fat locally, we apply innovative, non-invasive, and pain-free technologies such as the double laser that targets lipocytes. The duration of the treatment is only 20mins and the results are immediate.


Our Partners: 

We have partnered with the best to upscale your nutritional experience; From a partnership with ready-made, healthy foods from Fitness Meals, to a protein-based diet with Eurodiet® and the detox solution provided by Prolon®. All treatments at SYMMETRIA® may be accompanied by your favorite audiobooks from Book Voice.