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I LIVE FOR ME non-profit organization


In 2010, Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, PhD, founded I LIVE FOR ME, a Non-Profit Organization that aims to help and support individuals suffering from cancer and chronic diseases, cope with what is appreciated to be an important aspect of their life: their appearance and the way it changes because of the treatments they undergo.

To help individuals deal with their new appearance, take care of themselves during all stages of the disease and, eventually, deal with this aspect of the disease in a more informed, confident, self-esteemed manner, I LIVE FOR ME, under the personal guidance of a collective of medical doctors brings together experts from the beauty industry who offer day-to-day practical advice and tips for patients or people who take care of patients.

I LIVE FOR ME works intensely to raise awareness on cancer prevention and early detection via different channels It has also published several articles.

One of the most important achievements of I LIVE FOR ME Is the publishing of a 50 pages booklet “CANCEL CANCER” which offers practical tips to patients and members of their families for managing the consequences of cancer treatment. The booklet is also available online and has been designed as a digital magazine application on