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Chill Out Botox for Men

Nowadays, the majority of men want to have a more youthful appearance and a rejuvenated face, with less intense expression wrinkles, however always with natural-looking results.

At SYMMETRIA, we apply the Chill Out Botox for Men, otherwise known as the injectable treatment with botulinum toxin or Botox, which gets rid of expression wrinkles whilst taking into account naturalness in expression and maintaining a fresh, relaxed look, without drastic changes to facial features. It is a safe, fast and effective method, which allows for small mobility, so that the customer doesn’t loses their expressiveness.

This treatment is indicated for the upper third of the face and specifically for the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, the wrinkles located between the eyebrows and the radial wrinkles that are formed on the outer corners of the eyes.

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