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Embracing Body Positivity: #Feel Free

Embracing Body Positivity: #Feel Free

Body positivity, diversity, equity, and inclusion are major aspects of the workplace that have lead to healthier people who love what they are, and feel freer and more productive.

"I tried it and it did not suit me. But I was determined to wear it," Kim Kardashian said in a statement about her choice to wear the legendary Marilyn Monroe dress. And the comparison was inevitable, because a copy was made of an original. But have you ever wondered how many times we ourselves fall into this trap to look like a certain celebrities? Or to follow something because some people force it on us? They tell you that full lips are sexy and you get fillers. You see a wrinkle on the forehead and freeze it immediately, continuously fighting with the aging process. And if you have gained some extra pounds during the winter, there are many famous diets to follow to lose them fast. After all, Kim (Kardashian) lost seven kilos in three weeks!

It is in our human nature to take care of our appearance and take care of ourselves. However, it is very different to depend and be psychologically influenced by the opinion of others about whether we are beautiful through their eyes. Besides, let us not forget that beauty has a subjective hue for each of us individually.

"All bodies are beautiful" is the message of "Body Positivity" which started as a movement of acceptance and discrimination against people based on their size or body weight in the late 1960s. "Body positivity" is about feeling comfortable with your body. It is to appreciate it even though it does not have the proportions of a model. It is to admit that even if you do not like everything about you, you are okay with it. It is to accept it, to get acquainted and reconcile with the changes that happen to you, and to continue to enjoy life.

On the occasion of "Body Positivity", SYMMETRIA®, with an international presence in the field of health and beauty since 2005, has been supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. "There's no beauty without diversity & no SYMMETRIA® without inclusivity" is one of the basic principles of SYMMETRIA®, in terms of people who trust it internationally and its employees."

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