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How to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home

If there's one thing we all need to cope with the tension and fast pace of daily life, it's the ability to relax in a space that makes us feel calm and relaxed. This place can be our bedroom, where we can create such an atmosphere through a few simple tips.


Neutral colours

  • Your walls should be painted in neutral colours such as beige or other earthy tones, as these are visually calming and contribute to the same relaxation effect created by a spa environment.
  • Opt for cushions and pillows in cool blues and greens, as these colours are also calming.

The right lighting

  • Use lamps, instead of overhead (ceiling) lights.
  • Lighting should not be too low, as this will signal to your brain that it is time to sleep, but should also not be too high, as this can trigger thoughts and alertness. Find a balance between the two.

Calming sounds

  • If total silence does not relax you, listen to some relaxing sounds or music at a low volume.

Log off

  • Make sure you switch off your phone or any other electronic device that interferes with your relaxation and may cause stress in your environment.

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