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How to help others during these difficult times

How to help others during these difficult times

With the new changes in our daily lives brought about by the current global pandemic, let us all take a moment to think about how we can help others besides ourselves, particularly those who are most vulnerable and in need of support, including stray animals.

Shop for an elderly neighbour: Vulnerable groups, including the elderly, are even more vulnerable these days. We all have a neighbour or an acquaintance who lives on their own and may find it difficult to go out to buy essentials. We can go to the supermarket or the pharmacy and leave groceries or medicines on their doorstep, taking precautionary measures to avoid contact.

Donate blood: These days hospitals have an even greater need for blood donations than. To prevent hospitals from running out of donated blood reserves, contact your doctor and find out how you can help, if you haven't recently travelled to a high-risk country or contacted a person who has been infected with the virus.

Communicate with your people: Self isolating at home can have a negative impact on our mood and mental health, and now, more than ever, we need to look for solidarity. A phone call may be the only way to reach out to someone at the moment, but it is often enough to help someone feel better.

Don't forget the homeless: Not everyone has the option of staying at home, or has access to soap and water. You can buy some extra supplies from the supermarket for these people as well.

Take care of stray animals: Leave a bowl of dry food and a bowl of water outside your house. And fear not, the coronavirus cannot be transmitted from animals to humans.

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