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Innovative anti-acne treatment by SYMMETRIA Partner, Dr. Delmar

Acne is a dermatological condition that occurs when oily and dead skin cells clog the pores of the skin. Although it primarily occurs in adolescents, there are several cases of adults suffering from pimples and the anesthetic effects of acne.

SYMMETRIA Partner in AntibesDr. Henry Delmar, uses Kleresca® Skin Treatments, a breakthrough biophotonic treatment that significantly and comfortably improves acne, rosacea and skin rejuvenation with high safety. The Kleresca® biophotonic platform offers non-invasive treatments for both therapeutic and aesthetic conditions using fluorescent light energy to stimulate the skin’s own biological processes and repair mechanisms. Chromophores in the gel convert light waves from the lamp into fluorescent light energy that stimulates the skin's own repair mechanisms.

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