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Lockdown: What can we do when we feel psychologically stressed

Lockdown can be often a challenging experience for people who live it. Lack of freedom, social distance especially from our beloved ones, uncertainty regarding the new state of things, fear and also boredom, could sometimes lead into dramatic consequences.

What can we do when we feel psychologically stressed? Experts suggest:

1) Try to find the reason that you are under pressure. Make sure you distinguish the possible causes in three categories: a) those that need a practical solution, b) those that will get better as time goes by and c) those that are beyond your control. Try to distract from your worries regarding subjects that belong to the second and third category. Try to think “why should I worry about something that I have no control over it?”

2) Boost your ability to focus on the centre of yourself. This can be achieved if we are able to focus on the present moment right now, if we are able to detach ourselves from thoughts and emotions that are not related to the present but to the further future or past.  Have a break from overloading news that we all receive from everywhere.

3) Focus your attention on doing things you enjoy and make you happy .  For example, communicate with the nearest and dearest, watch  a series or film that you find interesting, read a book or walk for a while making sure you keep the safety distance.

4) If you feel your worry is not reduced make sure you contact with the mental health services for psychological support.

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