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Necessary male pampering

Even though men quite often have the impression that skin care is a feminine task, the truth is that beauty and youth is also a male issue. And when we talk about care we don’t only mean the use of care products.

Men have the same needs as women and their skin equally needs care in order to maintain elasticity, to glow and also appear youthful even though their skin is richer in collagen and elastin fibres and is 20% thicker than the female one.

Nice appearance starts from the right care, and this is an attitude highly accepted by a great number of men, as they dedicate time into it. Apart from pampering at home there are some special treatments conducted by beauticians in order you look fresh and glowing.


  • Know your skin’s necessities, therefore you use the right products.    Use a soothing cream if you have sensitive skin, a cream designed  for oily skin if necessary or an anti wrinkle one if you see the appearance of  wrinkles.
  • Skin cleansing is necessary day and night in order to reduce excess dirt and sweat.
  • You have to be careful during shaving as fast movements might cause irritation, cuts and in-grown hair.
  • Prevent hair loss by applying special products once or twice a year.
  • Avoid excessive substances. Smoking, drinking alcohol and lack of sleep do not help with having a fresh appearance.

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