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Prime Spots: Become a “SYMMETRIA PARTNER”

Upon completing the first 15 years of a successful presence in the field of health and beautySYMMETRIA is now ready to launch its latest project known as Prime Spots.

Prime Spots are small, flexible partner locations where medical aesthetic protocols or specialized face and body treatments, are performed. Facial protocols focus mainly on rejuvenation, firming, hydration and discoloration of the skin. Body protocols are aimed at managing body weight, with a focus on lipolysis and weight loss.

With very few and simple steps, companies are given the opportunity to create their own Prime Spot, in collaboration with SYMMETRIA, thus achieving a connection to a successful international brand whilst promoting their business.

It should be noted that SYMMETRIA undertakes the business model set up and support not only until the site is operational but also during its operation.

Marketing, digital advertising campaigns and promotions are also organized by SYMMETRIA in order to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness for guaranteed success.

With the latest trend in respect to a post-millennial approach calling out for fast, effective and non-invasive solutions that can be adapted to each person's personal needs and daily requirements, Prime Spots swoop in as the solution to create new beauty habits for consumers that will eventually become part of their daily lives.

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