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Proof on the importance of washing your hands

The situation we are experiencing in recent days regarding the spread of coronavirus, has brought to surface the importance of following hygiene rules since one of the main ways of protecting yourself from the virus is washing your hands.

Experts say soap and water are among the best "weapons" against coronavirus. According to the guidelines you need to wet your hands, add liquid soap or scrub with a bar of soap and clean thoroughly for 20 seconds before washing off. Next wipe your hands with disposable paper or a towel and avoid air dryers, especially when not well maintained.

SYMMETRIA used its VISIA machine - an advanced multi-spectral imaging dermoanalysis system, to conduct an experiment, which demonstrates the importance of proper hand washing by using before and after images. Specific skin imaging and subsequent algorithmic analysis and recording of bacterial products that are superficial to the skin (the white spots seen in the photo above) showed a significant reduction in bacteria before and after careful hand washing.

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