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Steps To Get Rid Of Male Body Fat Part 1

The most direct way for a man to look fit is by getting rid of excess body fat.

Men by nature have more muscle mass, but in order for their bodies to appear muscular, the muscles need to be free of excess fat. Luckily, a couple of easy and effective tips and tricks do exist to achieve fat loss without obliging you to spend countless hours in the gym.

  1. Have a smart breakfast

Suppose you like the following two options for breakfast: Cereal with milk and a banana or eggs with tomatoes and whole grain bread. The smart option would be selecting the second option since, according to most studies, the eggs can keep you satiated for more hours. According to research conducted by the University of Alabama, breakfast composed of toast, bread or cereals can contribute to weight gain. The good news is that a breakfast composed of eggs or those that contain more fat and fewer carbohydrates, may help you to maintain a healthy body weight. This is the conclusion reached by this study that was published in the prestigious scientific journal entitles Appetite.

  1. Opt for green tea instead of coffee

Surely you will have caught yourself drinking coffee just to hang out with friends, when you’re bored at the office or when you’re working till the wee hours of the morning and you need to stay awake. Moreover, your coffee will either be a cappuccino, latte or simply a coffee with one too many doses of sugar. Surely such a coffee is not typically bad for you however when you resort to drinking two or three such coffees on a daily basis, its consumption can become an aggravating habit for the body. On the other hand, a large cup of green tea is rich in specific polyphenols, which appear to contribute to the mild increase in metabolism and the fat burning process. A recent study by the University of Chicago indicated that EGCG polyphenols present in green tea may desensitize leptin receptors, thereby reducing appetite.

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