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Tips to look younger

Youth is what everyone wants. As it is not easy to reverse the signs of aging, we must not forget how important the role of prevention is, especially for fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are some tips to help you do just that:

  • Protect yourself from the sun, which is known to be responsible for several skin lesions, throughout the year. Do not skip sun protection, even when your exposure is not immediate, e.g. when driving or going shopping.
  • Avoid making intense facial expressions when talking, laughing and expressing yourself in general. Frowning causes wrinkles in between the eyebrows, while intense laughter causes expression wrinkles around the mouth. Try to relax your facial muscles from time to time. Do not change care products often. As it takes 21 days for a new cell to form and reach the top of the skin, give a product at least four weeks to work properly.
  • Don’t neglect eye care. Daily use of a good cream with firming properties can have impressive results. Also, sunglasses prove to be the most useful accessory for wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Furthermore good blood circulation helps maintain youth, as nutrients and oxygen reach the tissues, while removing toxins (one of the causes of skin cell aging). Daily facial massages can also help, sometimes washing your face alternately with hot and cold water.
  • Last but not least, exercise, at least half an hour a day, not only contributes to good health, but also makes you look younger.

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