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What are free radicals and how they affect the body

Surely at some point you have heard about free radicals and the fact that they damage the body, whereas on the other hand antioxidants protect our cells from withering. Let’s see what exactly they are and how they work.

Free radicals are present in the environment and derive from the pollution of the atmosphere, smoking, etc, whereas at the same time they can be produced by the body during cell reactions.

They are unstable atoms which harm the cells and promote or speed natural processes such as aging, as well as the appearance of chronic damages and diseases like heart disease and cancer.

As we get older, our body gradually loses the ability to fight free radicals. Therefore more are produced, causing more toxic stress, which is linked with diseases previously mentioned.

In order to avoid damage caused by free radicals, the body provides a defensive system of antioxidants. However the modern way of life, the environment which we live in and the food we consume are full of toxins. All the above in combination with stress and other factors add to the reduction of producing endogenous antioxidants

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