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3 steps to rejuvenate your skin

Autumn is the right time to restore health and radiance to the skin of the face, which still has the telltale signs of summer on it, such as discoloration, dehydration and dullness.  

For the above, SYMMETRIA recommends: 

Deep cleansing:  Needed to thoroughly cleanse the skin and get rid of excess sebum and blackheads and working better.

Peeling with AHA: Which improves brown spots and fine lines due to photoaging, making the skin smoother, more even and radiant. The use of sunscreen with high SPF is necessary then, as the new layer of skin that comes to the surface is more sensitive to sunlight.

Chemical peeling: In combination with whitening creams to treat discoloration.

The use of sunscreen with high SPF is also necessary afterwards. Our dermatologists will guide you to the choice that best suits your needs.

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