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6 beauty tips for beautiful, bronze, skin

In the world of beauty, summer is linked to beautifully bronzed skin, which gives us a healthy glow and an aesthetically pleasing look. A tan gives off an image of health and beauty, but it requires proper care of the skin in order to be safe.

Essential daily skincare tips:

  1. Cleanse the face with a special product that does not contain soap, to get rid of impurities, sebum and makeup.
  2. Use a moisturising toner to refresh and deeply moisturise tired skin, and act as a protection shield against dehydration, maintaining the skin's moisture levels. Opt for a toner that comes in a dispenser bottle, as this is ideal for the beach, to renew and freshen up your skin during sun exposure.
  3. Apply a moisturising cream.
  4. Apply a special product that protects and hydrates the sensitive skin of the lips.
  5. Apply sunscreen on the face, neck, decollete and hands.
  6. Once the skin has absorbed the sunscreen, move on to make-up, using products with SPF or instead opt for a tinted sunscreen.

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