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Acupuncture For Weight Loss Part 1

Discover an additional benefit of acupuncture that could change your life!

Acupuncture is one of the many ancient healing techniques and its country of origin is considered to be China. Today, it has established itself internationally as a complete therapeutic system. Based on using very fine needles that are placed in specific parts of the body so as to prevent or treat various diseases, to stop pain, or combat obesity, smoking and alcoholism. The method is quick, painless and natural, with no side effects whatsoever.

In each case, the physician acupuncturist implements a personalized treatment. Good cooperation between both members is needed throughout the duration of the treatment for the achievement of the desirable results. It is estimated that patients require ten to fifteen sessions to reach their final goal.

The functions of acupuncture

The physician acupuncturist applies this method by selecting points that act on multiple levels. Key points are the ears (otovelonismos), corresponding to the nerve endings of the vagus nerve and the regulation of gastric functions.

From the first couple of days you will begin to experience a decrease in appetite. Essentially you will experience partial anorexia and the feeling of satiety almost immediately, thus reducing your appetite for snacking and the consumption of desserts. Since (as mentioned above) a well-balanced diet should be followed, otovelonismos allows the treated person to follow a more rigorous treatment. Finally, it helps the body when you feel fatigue and relaxed so that you don’t lose the results you painstakingly achieved.

Acupuncture in the body accompanies otovelonismo for best results. It is carried out at different points in the abdomen that stimulate the solar plexus, resulting in the better metabolism and regulation of combustion, stool and spasticity of the intestine. It also focuses on the upper and lower limbs, which are responsible for the general stimulation and regulation of the neurovascular system, reducing anxiety, the withdrawal syndrome of food and hunger and affecting chemical substances with which the body communicates the feelings of hunger, thirst and satiety to the brain. Finally, it is administered to selected points based on the needs of each individual. For example, it could be used on the glutes for the better lipolysis of the region, implementing electro-acupuncture for additional benefits.

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