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After Sun Therapy

As summer fades away, it leaves behind wonderful memories, but also leaves its mark on our skin. Daily exposure to the sun and sea causes changes to the hydrolipid layer of the skin, resulting in skin that becomes dry more easily, losing its softness and elasticity. Frequent hydration of the skin is imperative for proper skin hygiene.

SYMMETRIA offers an excellent reconstructive facial treatment, both for men and women, to cure post-summer problems, which is based on using products that contain ingredients such as aloe vera, calendula, lavender, mint, vitamin Ε, yoghurt, rose, etc.

The treatment begins with cleansing the skin with a mild peel that gets rid of dead skin cells without affecting your tan. This is followed by application of the Hydrafacial which rejuvenates the skin, offering hydration and shine with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins. The treatment is completed by the application of antiphlogistic and anaplastic films, which stay on the skin for the rest of the day, giving you a pleasant sensation of summer freshness. The treatment is suitable for all skin types. It can be carried out up to once a week, and lasts 50 minutes.

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