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Be My Valentine!

Prepare your self for an unforgettable look with a unique hydrating & glow treatment with antioxidant properties for tighter skin. The treatmement contains a complex of vitamins, fruit acids and hyaluronic acid and provides immediate skin renewal, firmness and coolness.

The treatment includes the following steps:

- Facial cleanse.

- Application of acid ampoules to face and neck (except eye area).  Leave ampoules on for 5 mins and remove with water and cotton pads.

- A non-injectable mesotherapy device is applied for 15 mins on the face & neck.

- A glow mask is applied with a light massage on the face and neck, which is removed after 15 mins.

- Treatment ends with cream and sunscreen (if taking place during the day).

The duration of the treatment is 45 minutes.

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