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Common facial cleansing mistakes

Cleansing is a key step in facial care, which should be repeated morning and night, every day.

While cleansing our face seems so simple, experts point out that many of us do things that can result in irritation, infection, etc.

Always have clean hands
Before you start cleansing your face, you should wash your hands thoroughly to avoid the transfer of impurities and bacteria to the skin of the face.

Avoid aggressive products
Be sure to use a mild cleanser and avoid rubbing your skin hard, especially if you have sensitive skin, as this will cause irritation and worsen problems. A mild cleansing gel that does not clog pores is suitable for most skin types. When wiping the face, do it in dabbing motions, do not rub your skin.

Use lukewarm water
Avoid using very hot water, as it can cause dryness, irritation or dehydration of the skin and affect its natural defenses. Lukewarm water is best.

Be careful with the towel you use
When you use the same towel for several days, it accumulates a lot of bacteria and can worsen or cause skin problems. Also, avoid wiping your face with a body towel after showering.

Do not forget to use moisturizer after cleansing the face, to keep moisture in the skin. In the morning, make sure you wear your sunscreen.

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