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Dermatologist Christiana Iosifidi reveals secrets for rejuvenation before the holidays

The Christmas holidays are approaching and we all want to look our best for the most festive days of the year. Dermatologist and SYMMETRIA PartnerChristiana Iosifidi, shares her own preparation for renewal and shine before the holidays, and recommends a beauty schedule that will help you get calm, glowing, fresh looking skin.

"The modern, non invasive treatments that we use at SYMMETRIA maintain the skin's youthful appearance, giving it instant firmness and a healthy glow. I recommend Botox treatment, 3 weeks before Christmas, to give my face - especially the area around my eyes - a refreshed look, as it smooths down the appearance of fine lines that make you look 'tired' while maintaining a natural expression in the face. 
One week before the holidays, I use fruit acids on my face, which get rid of dead skin cells and offer instant rejuvenation and effective improvement of the skin's appearance. 

This is followed by injectable mesotherapy with a Dermapen, 2 days before Christmas, an innovative treatment for the face that stimulates natural collagen production, hydrates and nourishes the skin, ultimately contributing to its reconstruction, making it look fresh and more youthful." 

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