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Dr. Age DIY Home Kit to combat acne caused by regular mask use

The long-term use of a mask in combination with the moisture and heat that accumulate under it, can:

  • Affect the balance of the skin
  • Clog pores trapping natural oils, dust and impurities inside the skin
  • Create rashes, irritations, bursitis

The term "maskne" was first used by dermatologists in the US to describe the above skin conditions, for the treatment of which SYMMETRIA proposes the Maskne Facial Treatment protocol.

At the same time, SYMMETRIA recommends the combined use at home of the Dr.Age specialized care products that apply the "rule of thirds" - a new geography of the face, whose scope is more targeted skin care. The products that are applied at home are the following:

Gentle two-phase facial cleanser, dermatologically tested, ideal for sensitive skin, which removes make-up and impurities whilst rejuvenating skin.

Although it is a care product designed to treat wrinkles in the upper third of the face, the presence of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and the complex of active ingredients it contains, contribute to microcirculation and make it, according to relevant studies, ideal for application to the lower third before using a face mask.

Soothes the skin that needs extra care, soothes any irritation, itching, redness, and leaves the face feeling cool.

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