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Dr. Age Summer Facial Mesotherapy

During the summer, our skin needs to rid itself of pollution, sweat and dead cells, and is also in great need of hydration. The Dr. Age Summer Facial Mesotherapy treatment offers exactly that, as it combines the actions and results of photodynamic therapy, microdermabrasion and non-injectable mesotherapy.

The first phase involves preparation of the skin and application of photodynamic LED (PDT), while the next phase is carried out in three stages, during which thousands of channels are created in the skin, through pulsed stimulation, without the use of needles.

Phase A: After cleansing the face and neck with gentle, circular motions, apply Dr. Age Microdermabrasion Soft Face Peel, to rid the skin of dead cells. This product contains perlite, a natural mineral extracted from volcanic rock, that offers mild exfoliation and deep cleansing. It also contains alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E), known for its anti-aging properties. At the same time, the Aloe Barbadensis it contains moisturises and soothes the skin.

This is followed by application of the Dr. Age Activated Charcoal Mask that contains active charcoal, that oxygenates, cleanses, detoxifies and tones the skin.

Apply the photodynamic LED (PDT) Celluma machine to clean, dry skin for 10 minutes. The Photodynamic Therapy contributes to reconstructing the face. It is mainly used for skin that has brown spots, wrinkles, discolouration, fine lines, scars and dryness.

Phase B: Use the combination microdermabrasion and non-injectable mesotherapy TRIACTIVE machine, with sterilised disposable heads for each stage.

Stage 1: Exfoliation of the superficial layer of the skin, using a special non-traumatic head, in order to get rid of dead skin cells.

Stage 2: Apply the solution containing the active ingredients that we want to channel into the skin. Using a special head that contains elastic ends, tiny channels are created in the skin, which allow the penetration of the therapeutic solution. At the same time, Dr. Age Microlift Face Ampoules are applied, which have an enhanced anti-aging composition, including Guarana plant stem cells and high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which offer immediate lifting effects.

Stage 3: Target the areas where we want to restore volume in the skin (wrinkles, fine lines, atrophic scars, acne scars, etc.). With the use of a specially designed head, fibroblasts are activated to produce collagen and elastin, causing the skin to improve the appearance of its imperfections. As in the previous stage, Dr. Age Microlift Face Ampoules are used.

Before completing the treatment, we apply the reconstructive Dr. Age Post Treatment Recovery Mask, for additional hydration and shine. Its soothing composition contains hyaluronic acid, chestnut, D-Panthenol, vitamin E, etc. The result is radiant, firm, hydrated, even skin that is free of discolouration and fine lines.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes

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