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Expert Tips For Holiday Skin Prep

Expert Tips For Holiday Skin Prep

Preparing your skin for the holidays is probably the last thing on your mind after all the grocery shopping and gift-wrapping. But it might be the best present you give yourself this holiday season. We spoke with leading specialists to find out their advice on overcoming winter's major skin care problems and keeping your skin in peak condition in time for the holidays, in order to help you present your best face — and self — forward.


Start a Winter Regimen 

Winter is no exception to the rule of changing your skin care regimen according to the season. But because the seasons are not always in sync with the weather, it is acceptable to begin your winter routine based on the forecast.


Brighten Brown Spots 

It's best to combat some of the effects of summer in the fall and winter. Use a vitamin C serum on bare skin in the morning to lighten unsightly brown spots, and retinol on freshly washed skin in the evening before applying moisturizer. Remember to constantly apply SPF in the mornings as well.


Moisturize Above All!

The shift in temperature between indoor and outdoor environments throughout the winter, with hot air inside and cold air outside, can actually rob the skin of moisture and cause it to become abnormally dry. Use a face cream after your serum and before your sunscreen in the morning, and again after washing your face at night to increase your daily moisturizing. In order to prevent your skin from further water loss while you sleep, use a thicker ointment or balm around the eyelids, on the lips, and blended into your nighttime face cream when things get too dry. Consider purchasing a humidifier if you want to keep your skin moisturized all winter long.

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