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How not to transfer germs to our face

The current global pandemic means that it is now more important than ever before to follow the rules of hygiene. Among other things, you should also take into account the following points:

Make sure you clean your cell phone regularly
According to relevant research, mobile phones host more germs than a toilet bowl! We grab our cell phone dozens of times a day, with unwashed hands, we rest it on various surfaces and then we bring it in contact with our face while we are talking. It is good to clean your cell phone daily with an antiseptic wipe or a cotton ball soaked in a little alcohol.

Wash your protective mask often
Make sure you wash the mask you are using thoroughly if it is a fabric mask or change it very often if it is disposable, to avoid any skin problems that may be caused by its use.

Avoid touching your face
Try not to rest your hands on your face if they are not clean. Most of us bring our hands to our face unconsciously, while doing something else, thus transferring germs, which can cause rashes, inflammation, etc.

Clean makeup brushes
Something very important, which we forget in our daily life, is to clean the brushes we use for our makeup. Now that we have more free time, we can clean them well with soap and water to avoid the transfer of bacteria to our face. Let them dry well before using them again.

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