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How to achieve a flat stomach just in time for the summer holidays

If there is one part of the body that concerns both women and men, it is the abdomen, which we tend to want as flat as possible in order to feel comfortable in our swimsuit or light, summer clothes.

Diet plays the most important role in achieving this goal, but exercise is just as important. For your diet, you need the right ratio of protein, fiber, fat and carbohydrates, but SYMMETRIA nutritionists will further guide you through a personalized diet plan.

As for exercise, for targeted action in the abdominal area, SYMMETRIA proposes neuromuscular electrical stimulation, i.e. muscle strengthening with spectacular results, without pain, needles and complications.

This method achieves maximum stimulation of the muscle groups of the abdominal area, and contributes to the firmness of the skin, as it combines the actions of three different forms of energy.

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