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How to care for your face and body during quarantine

Daily care, proper hygiene and skincare are things we must remember during quarantine due to COVID-19. Being indoors does not mean that we do not need to stick to our daily routine of cleansing, moisturising and protecting our skin from harmful pathogens in the environment.

Wash your face and neck in the morning and evening with a mild cleanser, to get rid of any dirt, sweat, toxins etc. Use an exfoliating product 2-3 times per week to get rid of dead skin cells and renew the skin’s surface.

Moisturise frequently with at least two types of moisturising products, such as serums, masks, ampules or creams. Nourishing the skin with vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid etc. is just as important for the skin’s natural defense as is a healthy diet for the body. Now is the time for us to bring out skin pH levels to normal and balance our skin’s microbiome.

Protect your face from pathogens by not touching it. This is a health habit that has always been valid, and is now more important than ever, to avoid transmitting illness. Use antiseptic before touching your face, as this kills Covid-19. If you are planning to go out in the sun for more than 10-15 minutes, don’t forget your suncream, even if you are in the comfort of your own balcony or garden. Suncream must be used daily because it protects your skin against photoaging. Opt for a product with SPF30 that protects against UVA and UVB.

Diet and exercise: Fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and plenty of water are the keys to skin health. Mild aerobic exercise inside the house can boost your metabolism and therefore activate fat burning.

Frequent showers: Soap and water are the best protection against the pandemic. Opt for quick, warm showers. Use moisturising products after your shower for a feeling of freshness and wellness.

Stress: The stress hormone cortisol slows down our metabolism, leading to weight gain, and specifically increases fat storage around the belly. Combining this with bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol increases the burden on our mental state and our physical state, while weakening the immune system.

Prevention is always more effective than treatment, so it would be good for us to adapt to the new needs and habits that our new daily life requires. Healthy skin is often an indication of a healthy body, with a positive effect on our psychology and social environment.

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