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How to maintain a healthy glow for the holidays

How to maintain a healthy glow for the holidays

Many of us have accepted a month of inadequate sleep, excessive drinking, and unhealthy eating due to a calendar packed with pre-Christmas catch-ups and parties (well, it is Christmas). Stress is the result of all of this hurrying around while buying (and packaging). Even the most organized among us may feel their heart rate increase by a few beats over the holiday season. 

A stressed you regrettably results in stressed skin, so how can your skin survive December?


Get some beauty rest. 

First and foremost, you need to reserve a few nights for beauty sleep. Deep sleep is when your skin heals and regenerates; therefore, if you have back-to-back party nights, your skin just doesn't have time to restore its youthful appearance.


Stay hydrated. 

Although you have probably heard this advice a thousand times before, it is still wise to follow it: drink water. Pour a few glasses of water in between the Prosecco and mulled wine. Your skin and kidneys will appreciate it. Your body's vital nutrients start to decline as the toxins accumulate, and alcohol also dehydrates your body. Being pickled for hours will actually suck the life out of your skin, leaving it looking dull and frequently blotchy. Despite being the largest organ in your body, the skin is always the last to receive any critical nutrients, oxygen, or water.


Book a treatment. 

By choosing a skin-boosting procedure, you can fake a glow. The Hydrafacial, a sort of microdermabrasion that infuses antioxidant-rich moisturizing serums into the skin as it removes dirt and dead skin cells, is a great party treatment. Another must-try is the Look Great Protocol; most enjoyable eye treatment, which combines new technologies, bloodless and painless, improving all the needs of the sensitive eye area. Fights: wrinkles, sagging, dark circles and tired eyes and is aimed at all ages for prevention and treatment.

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