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How to take care of your face during quarantine

The fact that we are staying at home for round 2 of quarantine could pose as an opportunity for us to take care of ourselves a little more.

The fact that we do not need to put makeup on every day for the needs of our social and professional life, means that we can let our skin rest a bit, while providing it with the basic care, but also some extra beauty tips.

Do not forget to clean your face every morning and night in order to remove dirt, dead cells, sweat, etc. Opt for a mild cleanser, suitable for the needs of your skin, such as the Dr. Age Bi-Phase Purifier.

Keep skin hydrated and fresh, with appropriate moisturizing products, and of course, in the morning do not forget to apply sun protection. Also, do not neglect the sensitive eye area. In addition to eye cream, try a more targeted action, such as that offered by Dr. Age Microlift Contour Eye Patches.

DIY beauty masks
We now have all the time in the world to enjoy some of our favorite beauty rituals at home. A very creative way is to make your own beauty masks, with ingredients that are in your kitchen or by trying the specialized and recognized products of the Dr. Age Skin range, such as the Microdermabrasion Soft Face Peel and the Microlift Biocellulose Face Mask.

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