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There are some women who have opened every jar, squeezed every tube, tried out an array of cosmetics, and have been pampered by the experts in respect to cosmetic treatments. That’s pretty (pun intended) lucky, don’t you think?

Let’s take a closer look at Antonia Thomopoulou - Lena Ioannidou:

They are nearing almost twenty years since their first acquaintance – where else? – At the launch of a new cream, as beauty managers for two of the biggest and most popular magazines at the time. In the intervening years they have been informed about every scientific discovery and have experienced all the "revolutionary elixirs' promising youth in record time. Among the innumerable tests for texture of new compositions, immerged an anecdote in the circles of beauty editor's that claimed that the back of their left hand will never age. Thus, between excitement for a common passion and high-tech products of modern cosmetology, a beautiful friendship was born. Soon after, this friendship developed into a professional partnership in the form of an on line magazine that bears the name:

10 tips beauty from Skingurus

  1. Of course it’s good to drink eight glasses of water a day, but do not expect that to feed your dehydrated skin with essential moisture. This would only be provided by a moisturizing composition, preferably enriched with hyaluronic acid.

  1. While you are young, you do not experiencing any of the common problems that affect the eye area (bags, puffiness, dark circles), which means you do not need a special product. You are free to use your moisturizer all over your face. However, when you start using wrinkle formulations, avoid applying the cream in this sensitive area, because the active ingredients may cause irritation.

  1. More is not necessarily always better. Use your cream sparingly. Portions that amount to the size of a pea are enough for the whole face and another such portion can be applied to the neck. A rich layer does not necessarily help your skin more; it merely burdens it and forces it to react with pimples and spots.

  1. Allow time for your cosmetics to prove their effectiveness. You can judge a product immediately for its texture and aroma, you can stop using it if you feel that it doesn’t suits your skin or is irritating, but do not discard it because it does not "erase" wrinkles.

  1. Do not stick to the same skincare program for years. The skin’s needs change with the seasons, the ups and downs of our hormones, and age. Thus, our cream needs to adapt accordingly.

  1. After 30, integrate exfoliation in your weekly beauty program. From this decade onwards, the natural cell renewal mechanisms begin to decelerate and the skin needs a little "helping hand". Regular removal of accumulated dead cells will help it regain its brightness be more receptive to the active ingredients of your anti-aging cream.

  1. The Law of Gravity is unforgiving unfortunately. Tightening creams can provide an instant lifting effect, they can delay skin relaxation and boost collagen production, however they cannot reverse what’s already been done.

  1. Do not forget systematic cleansing in the morning and especially at night. Even if you do not apply makeup, dirt, dust, sebum and dead skin cells can cause the skin to “suffocate” thus depriving it from its glow and freshness.

  1. You may have the most expensive cosmetics in your bathroom, however if you do not adopt a healthier lifestyle in terms of a well balanced diet, moderation in the consumption of alcohol, proper sleep, less stress, less smoking and more exercise – then the aftermath of aging will still rub off on you.

  2. Sun screen, antioxidants and vitamin A (retinol). These are the three weapons suggested by the Skingurus for skin that is protected, healthy and youthful.

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