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Liposuction results on the neck using the XERO Lipo method

The neck is one of the parts of the body that highlights a person's beauty, particularly when the skin is firm and youthful. With the passing of time, the skin becomes more relaxed, and deep folds may form, causing the neck to reveal our age much earlier than the rest of our face. Another problem that can arise in the neck area is the double chin, as fat is deposited in the area under the chin, making the neck one of the most difficult areas to manage.

Non-invasive liposuction in the neck area is now achievable through the XERO Lipo method, the latest method in laser lipolysis, which generates impressive results without any pain, needles or complications. Its effectiveness is guaranteed due to the combination of using laser to target localized fat deposition and to activate the muscles in the area.

This targeted laser application stimulates the fat cells and breaks up stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. At the same time, muscle contraction ensures the metabolic destruction of free fatty acids, while enhancing muscle tone. The application of radio-frequency contributes to the creation of collagen in the dermis, making the skin more smooth, firm and elastic. So, XERO Lipo is a completely safe and painless method that induces a natural process in the body, without affecting or destroying tissues like the skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. It can be applied to all skin types, and visible changes can be seen in the neck after just one treatment. No recovery time is needed after the treatment.

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