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Maskne a.k.a acne caused by regular mask use

Masks to protect us from the coronavirus are now part of our daily lives, but their long-term use, combined with the moisture and heat that accumulate under them, can cause acne or other skin conditions, which dermatologists describe with the term “maskne”.

The scientific data

1) The microbiome of the skin, i.e. bacteria and germs found in our skin, is an integral part of its natural defense as it protects us from external attacks.

2) Protective masks can affect the skin’s microbiome, making it prone to harmful bacteria.

3) The use of a mask can:
α) cause increased humidity due to the breathing process
b) affect the pH balance of the skin
c) trap natural oils, dust and impurities in the skin
d) block pores
e) create rashes, irritations, bursitis

The answer to the problem

To balance the pH of the skin and the hygiene of the face, the use of care products is ideally recommended:

- Hypoallergenic

- That do not clog resources

- Do not contain edible ingredients

- Do not contain alcohol

SYMMETRIA suggests the use of specialized Dr. Age products for the necessary care at home. 

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