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Micro-Lift NECK, the solution for a youthful neck

Baby boomers (women aged 50+) are no exception when it comes to ‘SELFIE-CONFIDENCE’, and are looking for help with those traditionally hard-to-treat areas such as the neck.

Angelica Kavouni, SYMMETRIA Partner in London, says: ‘The neck area has always been a challenge to treat, as the skin is very thin with little supportive fat, which leaves the tissue prone to the ravages of pollution and sun damage. I have found the Micro-Lift NECK a useful tool as this treatment hydrates and enhances skin texture, so lines are less visible.’

For the Micro-Lift NECK treatment, Angelica Kavouni uses the popular technique to deliver an essential cocktail of power-house nutrients to the epidermis, which in turn:

  • Improve skin texture
  • Boost skin tone
  • Disguise lines


Sessions take around 30 minutes in the office and 4 sessions are usually recommended, spread one week apart.


Results: should be enjoyed for 4-6 months in conjunction with a strict skin care regime.

Cost: From £250.00


Angelica Kavouni is known for her ‘light touch, less-is-more’ approach to anti-ageing aesthetic treatments and as a result her patients never look ‘done’, just refreshed.

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