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Ozone Therapy: Ally of Youth

When we hear 'ozone,' most of us think of the protection it offers us against UV radiation from sunlight. However, its beneficial effects are widely known in cosmetology, where it is used in specialized treatments. More specifically, it has anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant action, while its ability to accelerate cell metabolism makes it an important ally in achieving a youthful, rejuvenated appearance.
Ozone therapy is applied to the face, offering the skin freshness and shine. In combination with the cosmetic products used in the treatment, the ozone production device converts ambient oxygen into a more chemically active form, ozone (O3).
Its most important properties that it offers the skin are: sterilization, pH balance, whitening, firming and shine. It is incorporated into treatments for discoloration, acne and anti-aging. The average session duration is 45-60 minutes, to be repeated once a week. It is recommended even at young ages, and contraindications include pregnancy, gastric ulcers, epilepsy, cerebral embolism, inflammation and skin lesions. 

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