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Perfect hair removal

Hair removal is a particularly hot topic for women, especially during the summer, as body hair is not associated with the female aesthetic. Laser is an ideal method to get rid of unwanted hair, especially in the underarm and bikini line areas.

Underarms are an area of particular concern to women - if they shave, this is usually done almost daily. Underarm hair removal is not only done for aesthetic reasons, but for hygienic reasons, as it helps to better control sweating.

Hair removal in the bikini area is a personal matter for each woman. Laser can ensure the permanent elimination of unwanted hair, whether you wish to remove hair from just the bikini line or across the entire region.

Laser beams are selectively absorbed only by the melanin in the hair, and through this they achieve selective energy focus in the follicle, destroying it, without affecting the epidermis or the rest of the body. However, the treatment only affects hairs that are in the growth phase, so this treatment requires repeated sessions, in order to have the desired effect.

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