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Pre-weekend glow and rejuvenation with the Emergency Soft Fruit Acid Peel

The weekend is coming, and with it come social obligations that require us to have a unique and fresh appearance. SYMMETRIA recommends the Emergency Soft Fruit Acid Peel, which offers you revitalization, shine and firmness, in a direct and painless way, without leaving any unwanted marks on your skin.

The fruit acids that are applied are selected according to the specific needs of each person's skin and they contribute to its regeneration, giving the skin a smooth, velvety texture and a bright appearance, while reducing the appearance of fine lines. The results of the treatment are visible immediately. The method is painless, non-invasive, absolutely safe and natural, and does not cause irritation, trauma or side effects. The session has a duration of 30 minutes and can be repeated once a week.

This treatment is only available on Fridays, so that you can look exceptionally beautiful and glowing before your weekend break, and is priced at the special offer of €50.

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