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Restarting beauty

Restarting beauty

During the lockdown our skin has the time to rest and restore naturally like our whole body has the chance to be fresh and rejuvenated. Sleep, good nutrition and relaxing family time are the positive results of this contemporary social distance due to Covid-19.

Going back to normality, the routine of everyday hygienic care of the face and body should be adapted, taking into consideration the following:

 *Before using cosmetic or make up products we wash our hands with water and soap or we use antiseptic.

*We definitely start using sun block cream, sun factor SPF30 UVA, UVB on a daily basis and we reapply  during the day. Over exposure to sun should be avoided. Sun glasses, hats and anything that touches the face should be sanitised daily.

*We use cleaning products that are called “anti-pollution” as life in the city will lead to situations that put pressure on the environment, therefore putting pressure on the skin.

*We use cosmetic care products boosted with hyaluronic acid , peptides, vitamin C etc. It is very important to shield our skin with extra boosted formulas that are precious allies against ageing and photo aging.

*We wash with antiseptic solution all the cleansing brushes, sponges, make up brushes before we start and we don’t share them with others.

*We replace our old mascara with a brand new sealed one.

*It is necessary that on a daily basis we use antiseptic to clean and care for our personal  devices like  mobile phones, tablets etc. They should not be borrowed.

*We refresh our hair with a “brave haircut”.

*Nails should feel strong and healthy after some relaxing time.

*Reshaping eyebrows. Fuller than ever and ready for the beautician to give them the shape you wish.

*We book our next hair removal appointment as the laser sessions should follow a repetitive circle to achieve the best result. Also, the strong summer sun is not beneficial for laser, therefore the coming weeks before summer, are the ideal time slot.

*We continue the online meeting with our nutritionist as we need him/her more than ever.

*We start physical exercise routines regularly and with guidelines set out by the experts.

When we return home we don’t forget to wash our hands with water and soap and throw our mask and gloves in the rubbish bin. We often use antiseptic and moisturizing hand cream. We continue loving, caring and pampering ourselves in a new reality that is healthier and safer.

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